1-on-1 Training

Includes: One hour private training for an individualized and custom workout. This will allow a certified trainer to facilitate proper movement patterns and corrective exercises that are specific to each person. Also includes nutrition guidance, body fat composition, weigh-in and body measurements. Requires Pre-Booking and 24 Hour Cancellation Notice.

Private Fitness Training

Understanding the design of the human body will help you move the way you were intended to move. When this concept is applied to exercise it enhances abilities and improves performance immediately. Our personal trainers are equipped to instruct you on this very idea.

We approach exercise from a natural standpoint, focusing on dynamic and free range of motion movement. This allows your body to engage it's own instinctive and natural programming.

Making fitness fun is also a goal of ours. We are able to offer an array of fitness methods to match each individuals needs and desires. Personal training by definition should be absolutely specific to each person involved in order to produce an exciting, fun and effective training program. In some instances, existing injuries or adaptation may have to be identified and addressed. Our unique approach has proven to yield amazing results even where our clients had previously struggled.

We are focused on bringing you only the most effective ways to exercise and maintain the human body. Our bodies adapt as we age, but our goal is to adapt positively by living fit everyday.


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We offer a complimentary individual assessment. Meet with a certified personal trainer who will provide assistance in setting appropriate goals and identify where to begin your training program.