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Our studio specializes in methods of training that impact your true fitness level. Imagine chasing after your children/grandchildren with ease or taking that scenic hike without feeling out of breath even though its uphill. You will enjoy a body that looks great, feels great, and works beautifully for you for years to come.

Studies show that people with high VO2 Max (true fitness) live 10-15 years longer with a higher quality of life.


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Let’s work together to become even better tomorrow than you are today! The best personal training Fresno has to offer!

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Personalized Cardio vs. Traditional Cardio

How do they compare?

Personalized Cardio vs. Traditional Cardio

How do they compare?

Precision Cardio

Focused VO2
Power Target Watts
  • Precise measure of fitness level
  • Maximum programmability
  • Targets areas needing improvement
  • Effectively build muscle with cardio


Heart Rate Target Heart Rate
  • Lacks accuracy/detail
  • Limited programmability
  • Hides areas needing improvement
  • Ineffective for muscle building

Workouts With Maximum Results

Workout styles that deliver optimal results because your time and health are precious.


Rowing burns more calories than any activity on the planet so you can lose weight and build muscle faster.


Hundreds of exercises with varying degrees of difficulty on one piece of equipment so you can achieve more with less.


Strength training with a greater range of motion/variety so you can strengthen your body for real life.

Circuit Training

A blend of strength and cardio exercises to train your whole body in each session.


Personalized high intensity interval training with individualized targets so you increase your power with each session.

Joint Mobility

Address current and previous injuries to reduce pain and improve movement.

"If we can continue to live fit then we will most likely age well" - Wayne

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