Lose Weight, Tone Muscle and Improve Your Heart With Rowing

It seems like most people these days have very similar goals in regards to fitness. They always want to lose weight, tone up, and look great naked!

Who doesn’t want that, right? The problem is that most don’t really understand how to make that happen so they just follow someone else that seems like they know or whom looks good themselves. We really need some hard evidence of what truly works best and maximizes time spent working out.

Here’s the facts: Indoor Rowing burns more calories per min than any other exercise on the planet! It builds and tones all your muscle while it improves your heart health and endurance.

If you follow the personalized program at LIVE FIT then you will become stronger able to burn even more calories by increasing your capacity to train hard. This is all proven with math and science and no other fitness method can stand up to the efficacy of Indoor Rowing.